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Trading & Distribution

We assist in sourcing the commodities that our clients’ needs and aim to provide quality and sustainable products in the market. With experienced professionals, all operational aspects are handled in a timely manner.

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Handling & Warehousing

We provide our clients with expertise in cargo handling and storage and apply dynamic storage solutions to allow our clients to plan beyond their short-term needs.


Logistics Solution

We provide all-inclusive logistics arrangements for our commodity products across Indonesia. We transport our commodity products efficiently, whether by sea or land, to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Integrity, Caring & Commitment

Being Good, Being Responsible, Being Respectful, Being Honest & Being Loyal.

Market We Serve

Welcome to our agricultural company's website! We are a dedicated company committed to providing the best agricultural solutions to our customers. With extensive knowledge and experience in this industry, we proudly serve various markets with superior quality and reliable services. The Market We Serve:

◎    Feedmill
◎    Farm
◎    Premixer



The unwavering commitment to uphold ethical standards, values, and business norms, ensuring doing what is right in any situation.


Embracing a genuine spirit of concern, attentiveness, and empathy, guided by the values of kindness, respect, and appreciation among all stakeholders.


Driven by a resolute mindset and an unbreakable spirit, we wholeheartedly pursue excellence and refuse to settle for anything less, always going the extra mile to exceed expectations.


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