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Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) is a valuable by-product of the wet milling process used in corn starch and corn syrup production. It is a protein-rich ingredient that serves as a nutritious feed source for livestock and poultry, promoting their growth and overall health. CGM plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural industry.

  1. US Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) 60%
    • Protein: 60% Min
    • Fat: 1% Min
    • Fiber: 2.5% Max
    • Moisture: 12% Max
    • Aflatoxin: 20 ppb Max
    • Appearance: Yellow Free Flowing Powder
    • Packaging: Containerized In Bulk.  DMX-7, Dessicants, Hy-Blanket Optional.
    • Country of Origin: USA
  1. China Corn Gluten Meal (China CGM) 60%
    • Protein: 60% Min
    • Fat: 2.5% Min
    • Fiber: 3.0% Max
    • Moisture: 10% Max
    • Aflatoxin: 20 ppb Max
    • Appearance: Brown-Yellow Free Flowing Powder
    • Packaging: 50kg PP Bags
    • Country of Origin: China